Holy Words spoken

Holy Words written on scrolls, then books

A Sacred Breath recorded that crowns the Universe;

Holy Words that swallowed death for all time,

Holy Words pierced the veiled human mind and soul

To touch the dormant, dead human spirit with eternal reality,

The Name above every name

The Lord of Creation speaks.

Body and soul are lifted with wings of encouragement

Human spirits made new with Heaven’s treasures indwelling;

Messiah stands always near

His Peace encloses,

His Peace overflows.

Angels of delight take a child’s hand

Leads them away from darkness

And into a life of true love;

Brought safely through every struggle

Victorious in every battle

Triumphant while the war rages on in the heavens

Soon to be brought to a quiet reverence and calm;

But our Earth to be shaken violently.

The earth trembles, the mountains quake

Those who still walk the land…

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Run the Race

Reflections From the Heart

Hadn’t my grandparents always said, “nothing worthwhile comes easy”?

At the track and field events, I earned each of my awards and ribbons. I’d raced along, my eyes on the mark. Momentum building as my arms pumped with energy and my long legs pounded the grassy field. The warmth from the sun’s rays kissed my face, and the breeze caressed my long, flowing hair. My mind, clear and free from worries, centered my concentration one goal: crossing the finish line.

We took our places and lined up in a row, waiting for Coach’s command.

“ON YOUR MARK . . .”

Nerves hit the pit of my stomach.

“GET SET . . .”

I willed my mind to focus, my eyes fixed straight ahead.


We were off. My foot slipped; two of us bumped. I regained momentum, pumping my arms, elbows high. I needed to pace myself or I’d run…

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The Gamer’s Guide to Mental Health

Misfit's Tavern


Pop quiz, Ready?

What’s the most important thing a Gamer must take care of at all times

A. Their Rig or Console?

B. Their insanely epic growing collection of games?

C. Their equipment (controllers, headsets, etc)

D. None of the above

Although all the above are important, they are not quite what I’m talking about. The most important thing a gamer must take care of is their mind. But why? Is it to stay sharp? Is it to keep up with the competition?  This week we are covering this past weekend’s twitchcon. One of the sessions was on streaming and mental health. It got me thinking and talking to my fellow hosts and I wanted to discuss a deeper issue. Video Games and Mental Health.

The Dark Side

Video games were introduced in the early 70’s and took the world of gamers by storm. It ripped us from the world…

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