After The Best Years Of Our Lives (starless) by Max_That_Trans_Guy

Happy. No. Joyful. No. What do I feel? What is this? I’m too tired for this! All I know, is I’m here. Laying on the roof of this gas-less car. Looking at the dark, seemingly endless sky. Looking at Sarah. Wondering how I got here. Not wanting to be anywhere else. The sky is starless, but that’s okay. Sarah’s smiling eyes make up for it. Nothing about this moment is perfect. Our car is out of gas. Our phones are dead. Our plans are set back. But there is something about the way the air I’m breathing feels. It makes me realize that anywhere else in the world would be worse, because Sarah wouldn’t be with me. I wish I could kiss her. I don’t know why, but I want to. “Sarah?” I start. Looking towards her.

 She turns.

 “Freddie! Look! The tow truck! We are saved.” Sarah yells, enthusiastically jumping on the roof of the car.

 Saved. I’m not sure I wanted to be. I didn’t think it was that bad. I liked the calm nature of our conversations prior to the, just as calming, silence.

 “What are you two ladies doing out here at this time of night? ” A kind, older, gentleman says, getting out of the big, red, tow truck.    

  “Our car ran out of gas. We were actually driving to the town a few miles north, but then the fuel gage went from full to the big red E.” Sarah announces, friendly smile still ear to ear. She is an oversharer, but stays cheery. Even in dire situations like our car breaking down in the middle of nowhere.
 The man goes to his car and grabs a giant tank of gasoline.

 “All filled up. Goodnight!” The southern old man announces going back to his truck.

 “I’ll drive” I offer.

 “You sure? It’s a long way ’till we get to the hotel we are staying at.” Sarah responds.

 “Yeah. You need your rest. Besides, you got us this far.” I insist. I open her door for her and then get into the driver’s seat. She is soon taken by drowsiness. Followed by sleep. Leaving me alone, with nothing but my favorite alternative rock channel and my thoughts.
 It’s moments like these I wish I had someone to talk to. Moments where I have been consumed by complete confusion. I glance over at Sarah. her beautiful hair in a messy knot. She was curled up in a ball, sleeping and shivering. I decided to do the one thing I could do without having to question myself as to why. I took off my jacket and covered her with it. She looked so peaceful, laying there. Dare I say, she was the cutest thing I have ever seen. Suddenly I hit a bump on the windy, elevated, road.
 “Shit!” I exclaim, getting the car back on track.
 Looking back at Sarah briefly, I saw she still slept soundly.

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