Tour by Max_That_Trans-Guy

You say you understand,
I don’t think you do.
After all, I’m me,
And you’re you.
But, you say you want to try,
So less dive into my mind.
But there really is no telling what we might find.
Over there? That’s the hell that is dysmorphia.
What’s this? Memories of never fitting in.
All these things banging at the door I call my sanity.
But, oh wait, there’s more!
The constant feeling of hate is right around the corner.
And that thing we call depression, or despair for even waking up in the morning, is to the left of the invisible acceptance I receive.
My only safe haven being distraction,
For fear of not being good enough, even for someone as pitiful as myself is overwhelming.
Of course, we could go on.
There is more to the tour of my mind.
But, you’re bored.
And you frankly don’t care.
So Ill leave you with one last goodbye……

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