Immersed into Life

The pure water that flows from beneath the Throne,

After the shadow life, a lost sheep spiritually dead

Washed clean, made new by Divine Hands;

The message from the wilderness of this world loud and clear

Words of the Living God for the barren desert earth-

New life offered the heart and soul,

Comfort for the body in transition proclaimed,

“Death to self, then rise again in Messiah”

Your spirit rebirth, washed clean in Sacred Blood;

“Repentance” the hardest choice ever-

Human nature finally overcome, from evil to good

Forever from wrong to right

From weak to strong, from darkness to Light

From falsehood to Truth,  from impure to pure

Things to now experience beyond the human realm,

A change for good that only God can bring!

In obedience John the Baptist showed the way

He helped make the rough road smooth, the crooked straight

Boldly, fearlessly pointed…

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