Stories from the street

Crossing the Air

Now is official:  I’m another homeless in UK.  The 6th economy in the world has an impressive number of people living in the street, with or without job.  In my case without because  Hello, the company decided to disappear from dusk to dawn.  Others found themselves redundant, and others just because.  Some people still have a job… today, who knows tomorrow.  And finding a job it’s harder than finding the legendary cock’s egg.  Oh, did I mention that I didn’t extend my permit?  Yeah, that was stupid on my side, I admit it.  But still. Why this country has a steadily growing base of poor and even miserable people while it is supposed to be in the first places?  Or the ranks are wrong or this country is upside down.

2016-04-11 22.39.52_DxOPhoto by Heinrich Pickelhaupt

How does it feel…?

…to be on your own, like a rolling stone…?   Honestly?…

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