Polished swords by Gary Bertnick 

He walks through a very large parking lotA small child’s hand held securely

Cars and people on the move, coming and going

So busy in this world of buying and selling;

Their car seems missing, swallowed whole

For a long moment the parked car feels lost in the vast expanse

Literally a sea of cars and pickups and SUV’s!

Yet, we both look and look and look

Walk in the intense desert heat, sun so harsh and bright,

But we walk and look

Look and walk some more;

“Was it stolen?” runs anxiously for a moment through my head

Yet, a highly polished Sword of Trust remains

An anchor of Living Hope established in strength over the years

Faith in the Lord of Trust, comfort in the faith given,

Our Sovereign God who holds my hand

As His child

In my own daily walk of a good search,

Seeking always to do His will

To keep in step with His Holy Spirit

Guided, controlled circumstances

Living Faith in my Living God,

More than a Shepherd to me

Lord of all, above all;

Every breath of my aging body,

Every heartbeat that throbs.

Finally, fresh laughter and a joke spoken in relief,

My car is seen tucked safely away

Sandwiched between two bigger machines on wheels

Both “gas guzzlers”!

Little grandson acts relieved,

So am I.

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