How Standing Rock Inspired Noel Altaha To Take On New York Food Waste


noel-altahaNoel Altaha is an Apache Native from Arizona. She lives in one of the biggest cities in the world, New York City. She walks the streets of New York for Big Reuse – a company that turns wasted food into compost. She brings her indigenous mindset to each person she comes across.

A lot of folks here have been raised in the concrete jungle,” she says. “They aren’t connected to those opportunities and recycling food scraps outside their buildings to gardens in their communities. It’s a big deal to talk to New Yorkers about something as big as food scraps and recycling. We come from reservations, connected to mountains. Recycling is about connecting with the earth.” 

Today, making that connection is critical. There’s about 14 million tons of waste per year in New York, costing the City almost $400 million annually shipping what it collects from homes, schools and government…

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