Hiking up Hills and Overcoming Mental Mountains… Embracing Weakness.

Mindful Meanderings

My biggest steps towards achieving goals came from forming the ability and strength to not just acknowledge weaknesses, but to embrace them, to own them, to use them to further myself towards where I wanted to be. For my mental health it came from facing up to my past and setting out to heal the causes, not just managing the symptoms, of my deep rooted coping mechanisms. For my body it was the changing the perception of what ‘weakness’ is and why it’s not something to be ashamed or fearful of.

Before I go further some more context may be needed. I’ve mentioned before my childhood wasn’t great. One mainstay was a regular Friday and Saturday night berating from my drunken foster father. As long as I can remember as a child, particularly my teenage years, I had to stand in a darkened smoke filled kitchen at the end of…

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