Mistakes by Amira Banaulikar 

Everyone makes mistakes, like breaking your mother’s favourite vase or spilling a secret you swore to your best friend you’d keep.Promising that you won’t hurt yourself and then you do it anyways but it was a mistake because you never meant to. Maybe you did mean to hurt yourself but not anyone else and that’s where the mistake lies.

But what do you do when you don’t make mistakes?

Sometimes there are moments that feel so wrong, like everything about it is wrong, a blatant mistake.

This, this ‘wrongness’ and being a ‘mistake’ was what I felt.

It consumed me and sent me to the edge overlooking an ocean of sadness; one I’d been swimming in for so many years that drowning in it felt like a warm bath after a stressful day.

-Amira (writtenroyalty.wordpress)