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Dancing Pineapples

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When we first pulled up to this Florida home during our home search, I was immediately taken by the two pineapple lamps on either side of the garage doors.  It was, indeed, an omen.

In our former living room in New Jersey we displayed a lovely appliquéd Hawaiian pineapple quilt done by a dear friend.  It was prominently hung on the wall above the sofa.

When we entered this home for the first time, I was taken by the view, the spaciousness, the Florida feel.  As we turned around to inspect the rest of the house carefully, I noticed the pineapple lamp in the entryway.   By this time, we were smitten, and the house had given me notice.

Having several other pineapple pieces, and a painting I did earlier, has cemented the feel of our home.   It’s my goal to eventually have a pineapple something in every room…

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