His Creation Speaks by Gary Bertnick 

The mouth of an enlightened woman speaks in confidenceWords of eternal Peace shared with her brothers,

Clear understanding of spiritual things given in delight

Powerful knowledge of the Truth loved and celebrated together;

Heavenly wisdom worn fearlessly as pure white clothing,

Gracious sparkles always with jewels of revelation,

Daily at rest in victory

At complete rest in triumph;

Each new day Holy Words feasted upon as Bread from Heaven

Each new day Holy Words drank as Living Water,

All to prosper as one in trust before her God

Then to gather from His immaculate garden

Most beautiful, most delicate flowers

Exquisite colors and unique shapes,

Aromas of incense that captivate

In the essence of a prayerful moment in eternity

Now, with a radiant armful of Living Beauty

To set in worship before her King,

Our Lord of Hosts.

   * If anyone is interested in a homemade booklet of the “My Garden” series,

send a snail address and I’ll simply send one. Those who got the previous one,

this will follow in a week or so. Gary