A Paragon of Virtue -or Hygiene maybe? By Zanele Dlamini 

Nothing like bad odor to make a person scrunch up their face or start walking away faster, -in the opposite direction…
Make it staaaaaap!

Only a cartoon character can best demonstrate what happens when humans are confronted with body odor. They can literally scrunch up their faces, fold in half, cry a river or just run, fast.

At times you meet people that make it difficult to be polite. You are standing there trying your best to listen but the minute you get a whiff of that armpit, you look for a way out of the room or the car. Children have been known to just blurt it out!

Hmmm hmmm hmmm, you stink Malume!

These girls that like to date rich men, some have been known to refuse marriage, albeit without warning, at the thought of a lifetime tolerating such a funky mouth or feet. Money is just not enough for even the gold diggers to keep digging!

Seriously though, nothing brings out the rudeness in a woman being asked out on a date. She looks at him with a frown, arms folded as the sweet words from the poor guy became a blur and she says;

So you can see me and you together? Us? A couple? Are you not dreaming perhaps?

As she sashays away, leaving the poor guy speechless and confused, she can finally breathe out. Glorious fresh air!

It’s the hardest topic in the world -telling someone that they need to do something about their body odor. Sometimes it is not so bad but there are days when it just assaults your senses that you quickly speak out and you do it loud. Even getting to that religious level;

Oh God! What died in here!

I had the same experience yesterday.A teenage boy walked into my house and left his shoes at the door. I was unfortunate to be sitting outside within smelling distance of the shoes -it just hit me in the face! A stench that brings those instant tears to your eyes and the face just melts into a different shape. My mind was racing with ideas on different ways to make the shoes disappear but I ended up suggesting a bath-to the boy but my naughty thoughts conjured up a water pipe-to grab and run after the kid. Hose him down good and proper.

I’m sure all of you remember when bad body odor has not only forced you to change the shape of your face, but you have changed direction, girlfriends or boyfriends, future plans and even jumped out of a car and preferred to walk!

On that note, I would suggest that you do not take your cue from Bonang. Keep genuine friends that will be true to you and tell you when you need to make a plan for your hygiene. They should not just smile, nod and then speak in sign language behind your back.

Be a good friend. Tell him/her the truth!

3 thoughts on “A Paragon of Virtue -or Hygiene maybe? By Zanele Dlamini ”

  1. I went to an all girls Catholic high school and we used to go to church in the middle of the week. There was this particular Wednesday I sat next to this girl who I think had a bad breath problem. Whenever she turned to talk to me I felt like I couldn’t breath and as gross as it sounds, I couldn’t swallow saliva either. So it’s like I just collected it all through the mass which prevented me from talking. When the mass was over, I ran out of the chapel and it was such a relief to spit it all out and get mouth fulls of breath of fresh air.

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  2. Good post! When it comes to first impressions, there’s nothing like looking and smelling bad to turn off a potential friend, especially a potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Being clean, smelling good and looking your best can make all the difference when meeting new people and making friends.


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