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The Master’s Garden by Gary Bertnick 

Adam and Eve wandered as one casually in divine pleasureAt peace and at rest

The garden wonder of what their eyes beheld

What all their senses feasted upon

They walked together as crowning beauty

To all the Lord had made,

Spiritual honor thrived

Always in a shared view from above

Passion of insights more than could be imagined

What the Artist of artists had made

Intricate details with endless paths of discovery

From smaller to larger, only to become more treasures

Energy wavelengths, seen and unseen

All sights and sounds, Spirit clarity,

Every touch and taste and smell

And the intimate gift of love joined to each other,

Exquisite beauty and unmatched strength blended

Intuitive children of their Creator.

As new parents of all who follow,

Even vessels of kindness shown from the beginning

Patriarch and matriarch, hand in hand, heart within heart

For better or for worse, through good or evil;

All now walk through the same garden of mercy, true beauty to be revealed,

As sons and daughters of the Merciful One!