A walk to clear my mind

Jake Allen Sharp

I have a tendency to overthink

I could feel I was on the brink

So close to the edge about to fall off

About to get lost in my thoughts

They get so deep they overwhelm

Panic sets in because I can’t swim

I run outside to clear my mind

I took a walk so I could unwind

I looked around on the trail that I tread

I saw a broken tree upon a ledge

Brought down by the weight of the world

Left on the ground from years before

Like humanity, the Willows also weep

Symbolic…oh no, my thoughts are deep

I decided to just walk away

And avoid all heavy thoughts today

I came to where two creeks intersect

Under a bridge where highways connect

Cars drove by unaware of what lives below

There are so many things that nobody knows

My emotions overtook me in that place

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