The landscape by Gary Bertnick 

Another small cup of goodness poured outIn beauty of function,

Completed beauty of form

Laid out so clearly before brightened eyes

All simply enhances what has become

And what will soon be.

Heavenly shrubs draw precise lines 

A tree here and two trees there as an illustration

Artful towers of strength

Signs of royal stability,

Flower beds spread uniquely apart

Flowers glow along a special enlightened walk,

Also a loving fountain and a pure flow of water

Such dynamic, creative beauty expressed

To stimulate inner delight

And broaden a sense of lasting purpose;

So much that can grow

Communicate a “Rock” solid presence 

Reflects something much greater

Something better, simply shown,

Meant to satisfy deeper needs and a deeper longing

The eternal peace and order yearned for

Softened by kindness in what the senses can now taste.