The Soul by Gary Bertnick 

The soil is worked by invisible handsA heart prepared in precise details

Circumstances foreknown

Circumstances predestined

Seemingly endless contingencies for good

As divine arrows strike each target

Angelic powers and authority delegated,

Each person chosen even before understanding

Before birth, before any choices taken;

Optimum conditions on the outside

In spite of things that change on the outside.

Truth nourishes with honesty

New fertilizers clean and pure

As the natural experiences become supernatural,

Heavenly treasures that blend into the earth

And are discovered, 

Like beautiful oak trees that sprout up

Tower high, reach out wide

Certainly a planting of the Master Gardener

Who works from above

As Royal Sovereignty is revealed below

3 thoughts on “The Soul by Gary Bertnick ”

  1. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.
    I hope I put this on the right site. I was hoping to put it on the original site. I found it on David Snape and friends.


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