The Brain Drain: Why Returning Home Is Not An Option For Me

Written Between The Lines

I will preface what I have to say by telling you the truth:

I love my country. I am an island boy at heart. I was born in Doctor’s Hospital and raised in Nassau. I was a Comet (shootout QC) and a Saint (shoutout Kingsway).

I love fried fish (snapper, grouper, it don’t really matter) and cracked conch. I love crab & dough. I love Bamboo Shack. I love Fish Fry.


I love Sky Juice (I’ve told more than my fair share of American friends that they need to try it, and so should you, if you haven’t).

I love the Bahamas, but I have to leave my country behind.

Since I left for college, I’ve gotten every form of:

“What?? You’re from the Bahamas? Why would you leave such a wonderful place?”

And I tend to take those questions with a grain of salt.

Usually, the people asking those…

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