What the ####!!! Episode 5

A new one coming up this week, if you missed the last episode, here’s another chance.

The David and Christina Show

Welcome to another edition of What the ####. The news stories that we like to know more off. This Week.
Health and doctor apps
Doctor who turning female
Main subject: New Porn Laws

Hope you enjoy

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Seeds planted by Gary Bertnick 

The joy of planting good seedsAs Truth spoken in love,

Truth in times “as a kiss on the lips”.

Much delight in expectations

Such pleasure in practical purposes,

Hope wrapped about in love for another;

This seed placed in special nourished soil

Growth already seen in Spirit visions,

A glimpse or two of the end from the beginning

Healthy wheat, healthy corn

Healthy grains and beautiful fruit!

So many from just One

A new life birthed given freely for others

Even as the early Apostles

And the many disciples with purest loyalty

Rough hands, strong hands often covered with dirt,

Faithful human spirits at work in the richest soil;

Harvest done always in honor of the Master Gardener,

Today the only fulfilling delight we can know!