Different Styles of Videos for Different Music – Videos Based on the Genre of Music by Helen Clark 

Music is the most powerful weapon when it comes to reaching a broader audience. The main reason it affects us so much is due to the emotional punch that makes us pay attention. Therefore, selecting the right background music for your online video, advert, or TV production is essential.  So how crucial is music today? Well, the fact that 86% of commercials use some type of music in their promotional video says a lot. Believe it or not, some people actually spend their time watching those commercials on YouTube.  

However, apart from necessary skills to incorporate music into the video, the art of videos and idyllic background tones requires a dose of passion equipped with knowledge about different types of music and videos that come from it.

Different Styles of Music Videos

A difference exists, but it takes a trained set of eyes and ears to notice the correct genre. That being said, there are three types of music videos and they include:

● Narrative

● Concept

● Performance

Though it doesn’t stop here, because each of these divisions carries additional genres within.

Narrative Music Videos

As the name suggests, narrative music videos are all about the story, hence the emphasis is on the lyrics dramatized in the video. The same goes for narrative-based videos that often feature footage from a film.

Regarding the music video relationship, the connection between them is clear and established through visuals that complement the lyrical story. Although the videos may include actors, the music will always be stressed as well as the main motive around which the video is produced.

For going deeper and getting the most out of this genre, videographers must know these styles:

● Amplification – The video uses different themes to contribute to the song’s feeling. Meaning, the narrative is slightly influenced by the lyrical content.

● Illustration – The music video directly reflects the musical story.

● Disjuncture – The narrative and the song are not very connected, so the video features scenes that do not relate to the lyrics.

Concept Based Music Videos

Yet again, due to the name, we can assume what it’s all about, but let’s be clear and thoroughly informed. Concept music videos follow a theme or a concept, mostly to attract a specific audience.

Moreover, the concept may be historical, magical, scientific, and religious, or any other ideas that create a theme. If they are produced for a certain group of people, they can be quite interesting to watch, but still, for a larger audience, most of the time, they are not so easy to understand.

Given that unusual content keeps the viewers attached to the screen due to its mesmerizing effects, these videos are more demanding to produce. Check out the categories:

● Symbolic – The videos are packed with a lot of symbols to convey the meaning, as well as montages and clips to represent the emotion.


● Thematic – Based on a musical theme, these videos are following the genre. For example, rap videos present life on the streets.

Performance Music Videos

Performance music videos are mostly performances of the artist or bands. Everything from lip synching, dancing, live shows, or musicians playing an instrument; that’s what is included in this category. The main point of these videos is to showcase the musician’s personality and create relationships with their fans.

The specific message or concept is not a part of performance videos, as there is no connection between the lyrics and the video. Videos are made of close-ups and the performers making direct eye contact with the viewers. These types of videos are the most common and easy to make. All one needs is a costume or impactful fashionable clothes and an interesting setting, otherwise, they can be quite boring to watch.

Learning the difference can significantly improve the process of creative video editing and the overall video appearance. The audience can sense something is off, so one can easily lose their attention if not regarding the genre they are working with. Music is the essential factor which can make or break the video, especially with the narrative and concept genres.

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