Our comforter by Gary Bertnick 

Streams of comfort from aboveAlways so gentle with kindness

In a steady flow of tenderness,

The One who always cares

Who answers every prayer

Eternally loves His own,

Calls us together as a Shepherd’s flock

All those favored greatly

Held closer to His heart

Much as a small lamb carried,

The sheep with their young;

The powerful touch of forgiveness

Relieves the stress

Lightens the heavy pressures

Makes life a true pleasure,

From one day to the next

The flame of hope burns brighter!

As the One who holds our future

Is able to save,

More than able to comfort

To calm the rough waves of any life on Earth

No matter the time or place

No matter the circumstances,

So the Sovereign Lord can lift any darkness

Remove the spirit of blindness

With a single Holy Breath

A loving Word with a loving voice,

Light given for the eyes

Freely healing the body and soul;

All given in a glimpse of Heaven

The destiny that unfolds

As we patiently wait the finished work of His comforting hands.