Pathway to Tears

Reflections From the Heart

I consider myself a tough cookie. After all, aren’t I a survivor? I’ve survived a few hard knocks along life’s path: A broken home by age three, followed by poverty, hunger, homelessness, alcoholism, neglect, loss of a sibling at age nine, two near-drowning incidents, in a car wreck, juvenile detention home, taunting, brawls, racism, alternative schooling, marriage to a ruthless man twice my age, bearing four children by the time I was twenty-two—three  by cesarean—physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, betrayal, hopelessness, despair, rejection, abandonment, being shot at (he missed), divorce, single-parenting …

BUT God!

Howbeit, there is a softer side to me as well. This thing called “tears”. A family member has even called me sentimental. I have been known to cry after losing a beloved pet, even an insect (hey, they make pets too, at least they did for me when I was a child). I recently cried…

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2 thoughts on “Pathway to Tears”

  1. I am pretty much the same.
    The time I passed a turtle on the road and turned around to help it cross. Well, another driver saw me and swerved and totally destroyed the turtle, on purpose, driving away laughing. It upsets me driving over roadkill too. Frogs crossing the road… and so much more. 😦


  2. I definitely feel that way as well. I may not have dealt with everything you had but I was bullied as a child and have to deal with a learning disability every day of my life. Now I am a mother and a wife to a Navy man and I have to do everything that I can to keep my head held high and even wear a mask from time to time because I don’t want to show when I’m break down. *HUGS* We can’t let life get us down. We’ve got this.

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