Patterns of Abuse | How To Recognize a Mind Fuck?

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Fuck being a victim, or continue experiencing abuse after it’s spotted.

If I can recognize it, and when I do recognize it, done. No apologies. And an extra go-fuck-yourself automatically included. Free of charge. 

The trick is how to recognize an abusive relationship when Autistic (or Neurodiverse) traits make it not understood until far too late.

Cutting ties to an abusive person includes a few consistent patterns in my experience — actually all my past abusers from childhood to recent (physical, sexual, emotional or gaslighting type) shared these traits:

IMG_0257I’m to blame. They are the victim and I’m the one that caused the issues and at fault for the abuse. If the abuser suffers any consequences for their behaviors, that’s some fault of mine they had to suffer.

The abuser is always publicly, loudly, quietly, always the victim. Someone is always at fault for their behaviors and no responsibility is…

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2 thoughts on “Patterns of Abuse | How To Recognize a Mind Fuck?”

  1. I guess the biggest problem for Aspergers (but also for neurotypical people) is that they allow the isolation part to happen which creates all the dependency in the first place. That lends power to the abuser and attracts more abusers.

    My assumption is that a variety of social contacts is the best protection. That, of course, makes Aspergers more vulnerable than others.

    I might add that groups, e.g. cults, display the same pattern. I repeat: The key is really to avoid isolation and dependency as hard as it may be.

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