Stream of god by Gary Bertnick 

The Stream of God in the desert,What really counts on earth

What truly matters in the world-

“Life and breath and everything else”;

The Holy One has spoken to me

Often to you as well,

And what can we do

But worship Him!

Daily offer up sacrifices of praise

Fragrant incense mixed with the prayers of our hearts

As disciples who bow before the only Throne;

Our King looks upon us with satisfaction,

A pleasure fully embraced.

And now we go forth as warriors

Compelled by His love

We reach out to the nations

To the strangers we meet along our paths,

Even Internet connections as digital mysteries

And our hands give fully to the weak and the poor

Yes, to those deceived and heart hardened,

The young bodies with rotten souls;

Young and old treated alike

Men and women the same,

All precious creatures by God’s creative hand

Formed in the womb

Known before the first breath taken!

The Spirit of Heaven guides

Counsels and empowers for faith in action,

Steps taken in new strength

Things done in power

Led by, controlled by Messiah’s Sovereign Spirit of freedom;

How wonderful the breath of life

To those who stand in awe

With reverence before the Majesty.

Now we walk the desert in the Presence of the Lord

Through the fire and the flood

More than surviving to enter into His abundance,

Our High Priest and our King

Firstborn son of the Most High Father,

His God and our God

His Father and now our Father.

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