What if I confessed? by Zanele Dlamini 

Dear Crush..
It’s me.

What if I confessed to you that I’m the one who likes you?

Would you recognize me? Would it make you happy to know me?

Dear Crush, did you know that we are friends on Facebook? I follow you on Instagram and on twitter. I was so ecstatic when you followed me back. I read all your social media posts.

Dear Crush, is it weird that I don’t like your pictures or comment on your Facebook posts?I am content just to stare at you and feel as if we are together. I don’t want to show myself or my eagerness to be near you.I never feel alone when you are online.

Dear Crush, you see, yesterday I ran into you at the mall. I made it a point to pass near you just to get a whiff of your cologne. You looked so good in those jeans! I saw your smile up close and for a second imagined that I was the cause.You are such a nice person.

Dear Crush, last night you made a comment on my post and I was so excited as if we had just had a two-way conversation. I almost jumped up and said “He likes what I say!”-only you wouldn’t have heard me. I like your style of writing and somehow wish to know how you would write back to me if you knew.

Dear Crush, I have so often written the message or DM to confess my love for you but you see- I hold back because I don’t know what would happen if I confess. I want you to know that you make my heart skip a beat.

Dear Crush, you cannot imagine what it is like for me to keep this secret. We have moved in the same circles. We attended an event together some months ago. I stayed close to you without looking too suspicious. I looked up every time you laughed. When I chose my dress that day, you were on my mind.

Dear Crush, my only wish is that when I run into you again, you will look up and notice me.

But until then…

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