This Week Podcast Episode 2 Now with added bullshit button

If you have missed my 30minutes podcast, this weekend is the perfect time to sit back and relax 😃

The David and Christina Show

Welcome to the podcast where myself and the Amazon echo tackle the fascinating stories of this week and try to work it all out. Now with the addition of a bullshit button. Topics for discussion are:
Formula 1 from Azerbaijan
Google’s fine
Tribute to Michael Bond
Main topic – ransonware

Hope you enjoy

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Been through it

Flawed Warrior Spirit

There was once upon a time
Where I thought I could
Conquer the world
Now I am hustling just to make
It through this struggle
I am a single mom
I am bipolar
I am a pot head
I am a survivor of domestic violence
I have been broke
I have lived in transitional living
I have attempted college
Three times
I have tried to hide
Tears from my kids
I have tried to end my life
I have cut so bad
I still have scars
I put on this front
That I am strong
I have been through so much
I am a survivor of childhood abuse
I grew up in chaos
I lived in motels
I have tried pills
There were still times
I think I can’t make it
I have been bounced around
I didn’t meet my dad til I was 7
I have slept around

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