This Week Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to my all new podcast where myself and the amazon echo, Alexa, dive into the news stories and try to make sense of it all.
We will talk about:
Start of Brexit negotiations
An unlikely partnership
Are police cuts to blame for the recent UK terror attacks?

Hope you enjoy. Please give it a like and comment and share if possible.

My summer home. The Beautiful Nowhere.

Calmest Waters

I’ve mentioned my summer home a couple of times before. As you can imagine, it’s a place where I live most of my summer (most of my summers). I’ve been living here over eight years now, at first for the entire year, nowadays just the summers. It’s not only a beautiful and magical place, but an important one too, for me that is.

Summer Home 1

I was born in a small city. Wasn’t special at all, neither objectively nor subjectively, to be honest, it’s sometimes disturbing, thinking how irrelevant this city is to me today, considering how much I’m affected by my current homes. No valuable memories from there, good or bad. It’s always fun to visit, and I do that fairly often, but I don’t really think of it as of my “home”. I stopped doing that the moment I moved to that new house, in the province of a province…

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