This Week Prologue – Podcast from me and Amazon Alexa

If you have missed this podcast, there’s still plenty of time to watch it even on this hot summer weekend 😃

David Snape Show - Bourne and Beyond

Welcome to my first taste of Podcast, this is a test to see if this idea works. Myself and my amazon echo ‘Alexa’ are taking on the news with stats, humour and what’s going on. This edition features the extraordinary conclusion of the UK general election, the top 10 forbes rich list and England’s 51 year wait for a world cup finally over.
Hope you enjoy it, please like and comment away. If you do love it, I might replace the music show with this podcast for a Friday. Hope you enjoy, play the video at the bottom.

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The Full Prayer


​”A Simple Fervent Prayer of Faith doesn’t Repeat Itself; It Just Works”

Godson Machel.

That was what I was told a few months back, and everything started to make sense. Sitting behind my JSS 2 algebra assignment, I could not comprehend why my colleagues were so sharp and good at Mathematics, and I wasn’t. “It’s not as if they have 2 brains with one head, is it?”, I asked myself. “Dagbe doesn’t go for any special classes but he’s good with Math so where did I go wrong?”, I cried. As I lay my head on the dining table, I gathered up all the strength within me, and prayed to God like my Sunday School Teacher taught me. “God listens to the prayers of children so when you have any problem, ask God first”, her voice resounded in my head.

I started to pray. “Dear God! I know you listen…

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