Bishop’s Thoughts

Coffee Flavored Ink

Every morning when I get to my office … in my house, he is there. Usually just waking up. He gives me that look – you know the one: “Morning dad, where is the coffee? Oh, and by the way I’m hungry.” He’s always hungry. But I guess that’s the life huh? Sitting around all day, judging me, eating and shitting, taking naps, then repeating the whole process. There are times he is pretty grumpy as well. He likes the same music I do … at least he doesn’t complain much. And talk about the staring game: he is the champ. Never looks away that one. Trust me, I’ve tried and I lose every time. What are you going to do?

Who is this early morning, grumpy, judging machine residing in my office? His name is Bishop. Here he is in one of his poses thinking about what it is…

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