Welcome to my worlds. The one I really wanted to write.

Calmest Waters

I’ve never had an imaginary friend as a child. As a teenager, though, I did have imaginary enemies. I don’t want to talk about it, really. But I thought it would be a sort of a, you know, funny, maybe intriguing intro for this post, which I consider the most important one yet.


As Colin Mochrie once said, “you know, for as long as I can remember, I’ve had memories”. That’s another intro I considered. But I didn’t really like the idea of quoting someone in the first sentence. Also, more importantly, this post isn’t exactly about memories. Partially – maybe, if I led it into that direction, which is something I planned originally. But in the end, it would take too many forced analogies etc. Just problematic.

Welcome to my worlds. Now what could that mean? Any ideas? I mean, realistic ideas? For the sake of the argument I’ll…

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