Hall of Fame 

We want you to pick which singer/group/artist you want to include in our hall of fame. It could be any singer you want. Provide me with the singers name and 3 of your favourite songs from this person/band. We will pick one for the show each week and add it into our hall of fame. Good luck 😃😃Members of the Hall of Fame so far:
My Chemical Romance
Lady Gaga
Ronnie James Dio
Elvis Presley
Barbra Streisand
Twenty One Pilots
Joe Cocker
Green Day
John Lennon 
David Bowie 
Lana Del Ray
Pharrell Williams 
Bruce Dickinson
Deep Purple
Louden Swain 

14 thoughts on “Hall of Fame ”

    1. Ok, I will add them to the list. As you have nominated two artists, you can think of 1 more song for Jackie Wilson and two more for Arthea, or I can pick another song from these artists and add them in when their times comes. Great choices 😃😃

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      1. I don’t know any more Jackie Wilson songs however I would say RESPECT and Sisters are doin’ it for themselves which was Aretha with the legend that is Annie Lennox.

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    1. Two of them are personal faves in our house as for Sweet Child I remember all the cool
      Girls getting slowies at the youth club disco. Memories x

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    1. Thank you very much for those suggestions. To be feature on the hall of fame, you need to pick 3 songs from each other them artist, only then I will feature them on a later show 😃


  1. Cool initiative David!

    “Where is the love” by Black Eyed Peas,
    “Man in the mirror” by Michael Jackson,
    “imagine” by John Lennon (already up there, so another below)
    “Beautiful” by Eminem

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    1. Thank you for your choices. John Lennon is already on the list and Michael Jackson has already been picked for a future episode.

      Can you pick two more songs for both Black Eyed Peas and Eminem so I can add them to the list?


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