Blue the sky by Gary Bertnick 

Blue the sky and red the roseGreen the grass in a perfect meadow

Bright the days of a man triumphant

White covers the sins of a new born heart

Great the mercy of One who cares

Clear they eyes of the “Blood bought” son

Wise the heart of the woman who draws near

New the birth of a soul redeemed

Strong the stature of those so loved

Humble the Lord who bought His own

Confident the flock that now stands true

Delightful the pleasure of being His sheep

Free the gladness of one in that flock

Absolute control, the hands of the Creator

Sovereign the touch of the Maker

Complete the creation from smallest to the largest,

Closest to farthest, seen and unseen.

Eternal the future of the children of the King

Forever the Love that always surrounds,

Eternal the fire, a tragic, simple fact for all the lost.

Still and quiet the waters below this blue sky

Calm the waves on each and every distant shore.

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