Simplicity and Honesty by Gary Bertnick 

With one child sleeping and two children mellowThese words openly express a sharing,

In a simple, pleasant way

Captures a moment that has gathered into a bundle of peace,

A truly calming gift to celebrate in thankfulness,

Happily it touches my heart and relieves bits of stress and strain

That tried to pick away at a newly growing strength of faith

And the confident assurance that surrounds us here

Abounding in the heavenly love that shines as the Source of it all,

And the trust in the grace that has carried our lives this far;

It blends love hopefully throughout each day

As I comfortably feel the Presence of the Holy One

Often in the exchanges of things we seldom take time enough to notice,

In the honest awareness of what we should all expect

From the open arms, acceptance from Messiah

And in the joy to be tasted freely in the new humble capacity for His Truth!

Now, two children sleep,

The wood fire begins to fade 

And one mellows just a little bit more

In the softening of a heart to the surprise spiritual gifts,

Of what living simply in Humboldt County in the early 1980’s

And quiet honesty in the Lord’s eternal Presence

Can really mean. 

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