Touch of Grey

I’m not sure whether to say “I have a touch of autism” or “I’m at the very edge of the autism spectrum”. But there it is, plain and out in the open for everyone to see. Totally exposed and vulnerable.

I was tested for it last year. I’m in the range of just barely detectable.

When they had me my parents were over 40. I also had childhood epilepsy, which stopped presenting symptoms as I grew up. Both of those things have strong ties to autism. If they tested kids for autism back then as much as they do now, I probably would have been tested.

I don’t know how to talk about it, really. When you think of someone with autism, you probably don’t think of someone like me. So I’ve been reluctant to tell people. I’m a whole lot more comfortable writing about it. If you wish I had told…

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2 thoughts on “Touch of Grey”

  1. One of my sons is basically like you. Officially, he’s described as high functioning. For the most part, he can manage life, though we do have to keep on him about chores and following social cues.

    I think we place entirely too much emphasis on our conditions, to the point where we make it part of our identities. I can’t say it enough, this must not be allowed to continue. You aren’t “autism”, you’re a human being.

    Don’t allow it to define you.

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  2. Love this post. What wonderful open honest writing. My son definitely has a little bit of autism and I think I’m fairly close to being some place on that spectrum too. Kudos to you for saying it as it is and how it feels to you. That’s all that matters. Got to say it again, love this post. 💗

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