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Praise and dance by Gary Bertnick 

A. The Name that dances in the heavens     The Name that walks the earth

     The One who moves the stars about

     The One who shades the sun

     The Voice of love moves in the wind

     This Voice now lives deep within.


     So I say-

     My heart cries out

     My mouth sings free

     Such joy I have within

     My lungs cry out

     My tongue sings free

     Such joy I have just comes out!

B. Worship Him in the morning time

     Praise Him all of the day

     With love He brings another heart

     Rebirth so that we sing

     Happiness surrounds all my life

     The peace now settled within.

C. Our hearts dance everywhere

     Gladness with each new face

     To touch with love and hold in peace

     A precious heart and soul

     New life comes down from high above

     A new life to live today.