LOVE- 1/5


LOVE- 1/5

In stillness a heart listens

A divine hush in the Holy Presence

Quiet prayers, reverent worship

A most quiet beauty set apart from the world,

Just as within the secret place of the mother’s womb

A tiny child waits for the hand of love

While the newest of many miracle children is formed

Delight from God

Delight given from God

Gift for a woman, calling for a man,

Birthed into our troubled world,

The spirit of life indwells

Transparent joy embraces such a wonder;

A parent’s hand reaches down to touch

But a little hand reaches up and  takes first hold of a finger

As  love touches love

The naked innocence of creation on majestic display

When truth shines brightly in clearest honesty

The God who is Love

Gives generously, impartially to all,

To all who are willing to love Him,

In the gracious Law of Abundance

To all who seek…

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