Keep your light shining by Brittany Brice 

When the Sun visits you and I’m greeted by the moon is when I say a small prayer for you 

and give into the exhaustion the day brought me. 

Although I make the most of my days I still regret 

not having more time to think about you.  
Very few understand what This is. 

Explaining It is the most difficult task 

I have yet to accomplish.

No simile or metaphor could ever hope to describe 

the everlasting joy you filled my heart with.
You have a rare, inviting light that

rids of all insecurities and encourages the disheartened.

Please keep it shining.

Never think you’re not good enough or

that you don’t have what it takes.

Those are lies; poison meant to put

little worth on your priceless light and 

ultimately demolish your gleaming soul.
Don’t get discouraged when

failure is easier to find than success 

for failures become steps toward your

desired outcome which will be better

than you can ever imagine

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