Hall of fame 

The David and Christina Show

We want you to pick which singer/group/artist you want to include in our hall of fame. It could be any singer you want. Provide me with the singers name and 3 of your favourite songs from this person/band. We will pick one for the show each week and add it into our hall of fame. Good luck 😃😃
Members of the Hall of Fame so far:

My Chemical Romance

Lady Gaga

Ronnie James Dio

Elvis Presley

Barbra Streisand

Twenty One Pilots


Joe Cocker


Green Day

John Lennon


David Bowie

Lana Del Ray

Pharrell Williams

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SO THAT WE MIGHT GROW by Gary Bertnick

Did you ever wake up from a satisfying slumber
To find yourself still delightfully gliding
Pleasantly along the mellow trails of a lingering rainbow,
The one that usually trickles like a brooklet throughout your dreams,
Blends of textures of fulfilling whims, longings
Or even unconscious rivulets of good pleasures;
It hovers like an imaginative tapestry of fanciful events
All revolving about the “new” and the “now”‘,
Poetically to raise the nocturnal curtain
To accept the newest glowing day
Simply to share this lighthearted wealth emerging into spectral bands of joy.
It stretches across, looms above these horizons of reason
That envelop our honest searches,
As witness to how reality is in essence fruitfully shown to abound,
Many pictures of charismatic traits of people touched by heavenly grace!
A glorious favor given, designed to reflect the eternal Light
Earthly vessels radiant for all to see
So that they too might simply believe in Him,
Begin to walk the path towards actual perfection so practically grown,
In good seeds sown, shown by those shining love out into the darkened world,
A place and time filled to overflowing with those hungry for truth
Yet, so bent on consuming, destructive self-reliance,
Faith barely in themselves
Surface trust in comforts so earnestly gathered
While Divine Mercy patiently waits.