Still on Track

Random Stories

The first time I saw you
I was so tempted to touch you
Wondering how it feels to be near you
But it’s like dragging my feet away from you

What I know is you’re not good for me
Like what you’ve done to everybody
All you do is took them by surprise
And kills them gently by your sweet disguise

Now I’ve decided to lay my eyes on you
This time I’ll try, I’ll make it up to you
Please be gentle and don’t do any harm
We both don’t know if how long or how far

You slowly got my soft sweet lips
I struggled to move but my body became stiff
Breathless and weary, I think I lose my mind
Why it happened, I just don’t understand

Now I don’t know if this will last or not
I don’t want to be chained, let me go but…

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