The prisoners by Gary Bertnick 

Prisoners of selfBound within your own hearts and minds,

A body for a cell, a prison cell for a body

Walking among the living with no desire beyond this world,

“The inner yearning for what must be

The search, the seeking of the greater experience in life

Hungering, thirsting at all cost

Even with despair licking at your soul,

Heart crying out to the true God who must be there…” 

Yet, this one- so commonly spiritually blind, oblivious

In love with this world

Full, content and satisfied

Rich in self, the temporary wealth of this place!

Until tender mercy reaches out and within

And creates an intimate need beyond personal reach

Suddenly awakens a soul to seek

To search, to ask, to try to even pray

And perhaps find the Living God who cares,

Whose lovingkindness reveals the shocking human dilemma

The impossible existential circumstances of being alive

Alone, having nothing, knowing nothing, being nothing;

Alive though dead apart from the Creator, sadly another wasted life.

But the One who multiplied the loaves, and fish

Multiplies lovingkindness and tender mercy

And spreads out a virtual banquet of revelation

Much water into wine,

Wisdom, knowledge, salvation and abundance of grace in faith-

The love and peace “self and world” are dying to have;

Shalom flows from our Lord of all

Heaven and Earth, the vast seas

And all in them, including us.

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