It’s More Fun In the Philippines by Roxanne Domingo 

Location: Coron, Palawan

The title It’s More Fun In The Philippines has been our official country hashtag #itsmorefuninthephilippines to attract tourist and encourage them to visit our country. It’s a way to express our hospitality and confidence on how beautiful this country is. 
From typical Filipino variety of food, state of the art landmarks, friendly locals and most especially, our beautiful beaches.
One of the most beautiful beaches that we have is the island of Coron, Palawan Philippines, comprising the eastern half of Busuanga Island.
Who wouldn’t fall for its beauty. Indeed, another heaven-like creation.
We stayed here for a week but honestly, I need more than just a week. I get attached! I am inlove! If you will go here and stay for only few nights, that’s the most terrible travel decision you will ever make. You will regret it afterwards. I really swear!
If you want to relax while having the most of your life, Coron is the best place to see. Indeed, #itsmorefuninthephilippines 

Thank you

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