Gathering by Gary Bertnick 

With pure fire in their eyesNew songs of praise thunder

Jubilation within, a joy that cannot be contained

Hearts more alive than can be imagined

For they all have seen a glimpse

More than a fading countenance

Or a trailing glory;

His consuming Majesty

His Spirit of revelation wonder

And even more

Have brought us together with one voice

One heart of love and peace.

Zeal for modern Israel

And Abraham our “father of faith”

Fervor for remnant Jacob

Heart cries for final justice

For righteous judgment as written

Even those from “beneath the Throne”.

Separated from this world

We are hated just like Him,

The true Church, living Body of Messiah

Now safely beneath one tent, a single golden temple of worship,

Brilliance folded within brilliance

“Enclosed behind and in front”

Protected eternally, surrounded by pillars of the Spirit’s fire

Gates of praise with angelic power displayed,

Walls of salvation

The consuming Presence of our Lord!

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