Moving on! :D

Hello everyone! šŸ˜€ Glad to see people still come to see some flat earth truth! Itā€™s time I moved on from Flat Earth advocacy as it was a needed form of release/distraction. An anchor perhaps, when I had nothing left to hold on to, during the beginning phases of my recovery.

I have met great friends, sadly made some enemies but I will always treasure my time meeting such wonderful, brave folks, working so hard to promote the truth of the place we call ā€œEarthā€. Far better men (and women) than I ā€“ Ā Iā€™m still humbled by the minds and people Iā€™m honored to call my friends.

No one, has yet debunked my ā€œFlat Earth Opposing Motion Lawā€ (FEOML), which can be found here. This completely and thoroughly debunks and destroys the idea of a ā€œPlanetā€ that is spinning in one direction, constantly (But also, slowing) at ANY speedā€¦

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