5 Centimeters Per Second

Dr. Arfa Masihuddin

Once upon a time, when you and I were just a thought,

The velocity of our creation headed towards Earth,

A drop of this and a drop of that, mixed together unceremoniously

And the masquerade of the ancient warriors broke.

Magian holds the hour-glass, gingerly balancing the Two -

The Two they call the mind and the soul.

A mist of unsolicited thoughts, a nebula of hearts

Trails behind wondrously at the speed of imagination.

Mortals cogitate, twisting and turning the Laws.

The haze clears, and the percentages add up.

Between you and I, the distance is immense,

The journey, tedious; orbits too huge.

Oceans crossed, emptiness overcome.

This blue and white ball of life hanging in the starry night

Is not bigger than us, never was.

Resplendent entities in itself, celestial bodies of love,

We walk silently on the moon

With the charm of the lyrics that thoughts wrote,

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