7 thoughts on “My thoughts on UK general election”

  1. As an American, I was interested to hear your comments. It seems the entire world is in a political quagmire.Too many politicians can’t seem to spend their time on the important things.

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  2. Hi David. Back from my ‘two-weeks-no-visits-to-other-blogs’ and catching up here and there at your blog too. Great video again. I truly hope someone in the UK stands up and give you all a candidate which feels good to be voted for. I agree with you partially; yes, it should be someone who addresses the problems in the UK. However, I feel it is very important it is also someone, who understands the importance of unite and work together with the rest of the world. Brexit, in my opinion, the worst decision ever for your country.

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    1. I did vote to leave the EU only because of the fact that EU rules can sometimes hold up the process of certain industries. Oh and the people elected there don’t come over here too often to help out. I do agree with you with your other point, however, there isn’t a person that does understand the importance and that’s frustrating.

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      1. I understand the frustration, I really do. However, I really believe we should all work together for a better place for all of us. Isn’t that your intent with your blog also? It starts with little steps and with keeping spreading ‘the word’ we CAN live in harmony and it is possible to get all of us happy…for that we really need to stick together; even if it feels senseless, the people in Brussels, well..to my humble opinion, do see the ‘bigger picture’. But it takes time to change for the better. Walking away (for instance Brexit) doesn’t help 😉

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