It’s like coming home by Christina Fernandes 

You’ve been away too long, searching for meaning, searching for hope,Losing yourself, and eventually, the purpose of it all.

Everything is bleak and dull,

Sometimes you accept it – maybe you don’t deserve the love you give, you tell yourself.
That’s the danger of unrequited love.

You always land up being hurt.
But stop and think about how wonderful it feels to love someone wholly,

To give that person your all when they’re down and feeling lonely.

And then think about how much more wonderful it’d be to be treated like that in return

By that same someone.

The one you’ve loved to love all this while,

The one to whom you gave your all,

Is now loving you right back in equal measure – maybe more,

Giving their all to you, and then some.
Herein, too, lies the danger of being hurt. But you accept it.
Because, you see, you’re at home.

No matter what happens to you here,

You know you’re safe.