I’m a high-functional sociopath

Crossing the Air

Sherlock describes himself this way and he, obviously, is right.  I know. I am too.

I’m happy with myself, I can’t understand why people go so crazy about parties, where is the fun in gathering in a point and do nonsense?  Why making noise is fun?  I can do more interesting things quietly in my room like coding and studying human nature.  The things that interest people and amuse them make no sense to me.

Like Sherlock, I get bored quickly if there is nothing to feed our minds  (those racing machines that will tear into pieces if they can’t race), and like him I’ll do everything to kill boredom.

We find almost everything obvious, often we know what the other person is going to say or do before they finish their discourse. Why? Just because most of people prefer the security of known patterns.  That makes them feel good…

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