It's Me Saraa

“I’m sorry; It’s over.” he said while hanging up the phone.

Earlier this month, it was getting worst between the two of them, and hard to be together.
They were trying to hold on to each other, but sometimes, holding on hurts more than letting go.

He was a famous political man, and she was his assistant. If one didn’t know her better, they’d say she was sleeping with her boss for the sake of her job.
But it’s not like that. They met and they fell for each other, like any 2 normal people, but they were everything but normal.
Other than him being famous, he was still married and getting a divorce.. But Her? she was just a woman, a young woman who studied hard and worked harder to get to be where she is now.

Somehow, they managed to last 8 months now.Eventually, their relationship hit rock…

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