Drawn by Gary Bertnick 

Drawn into the arms of true love,As one who wandered, who often stumbled

Who drifted at times with earthly winds

Blown about here and there

Year after year after year;

Insignificant, lost, superficial and alone.

The will to live, inner sense of eternity nearly gone

Yet, the hand of tenderness reached out

A touch of mercy came from beyond the Universe

Beyond the natural, a great gentleness revealed

Kindness from a place far outside this world

Intimate caring from the Throne of all power

Real authority given creative expression in another human life;

Another object of mercy stands free

Suddenly caught up in comforting revelation

Our God who cares, who makes Himself known

Peace and always, always more.

Yeshua who shows us the Father of Glory

Gives life and hope and purpose;

Meaning covers in eternal Spirit rest;

Eyes that can see in and through

Timeless eyes that wept in compassion

Over a friend Lazarus and those who mourned in unbelief

Eyes of purest love that compels

The Light of those eyes of beauty

Draw us near,

His flock, drawn together as one!
        Peace, Gary Bertnick

2 thoughts on “Drawn by Gary Bertnick ”

  1. Not related to the post, but if you were taking the Chinese martial art of tai chi chuan (so mostly slow and soft movements) or anything similar where you would be on your feet pretty much for two hours what shoes and socks would you prefer – choices might include laced versus velcro straps; high-top (basketball) versus low-cut sneakers; knee high socks versus mid-calf socks versus anklets. We teach people with autism – most cannot speak, so it is hard to get footwear opinions from them.

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