Day and time by Gary Bertnick 

From abstract wingsTo reality

Time experienced in an Earth day

As the sun rises

As the sun sets

The Earth in constant rotation,

The Earth steadily moves about the sun.

The Spirit of the Lord has spoken-

“A day as a thousand years;

A thousand years as a day”.

Mystery, a moment to a human soul can stretch out forever,

Yet days and years can fly away

Like startled doves!

Only a prayerful life can carry a moment

Bring through a cold winter

Revive us in springtime

Set forth a good summer path

And lead into a restful autumn.

Prayer in the Spirit of the Lord is timeless,

Worship of the Name above all as tastes of the “honey of eternity”.

What becomes an illusion,

Flower petals once radiant with color

Scented uniquely

Wither and quickly fade,

Fall to the common ground

Lost to the eyes and sensitive touch of aroma;

But the Lord forever stands near to His own

Wakes them from the deep sleep

Alerts them to the timeless realm of Living Truth

Eternal Life in the Way of the Holy Spirit,

A man’s good taste in the beginning

And a woman’s rich feast without end.
        Peace, Gary Bertnick