Israel by Gary Bertnick 

Center of the WorldLand of all destiny

Chosen from before creation

Home of spiritual revelation

Throne of the King

Place of covenant peace.

One day the Lord will walk down the hill

Mount of Olives covered with strides of Glory

Multitudes line the path with purest worship

A celebration without end

Triumph of our God of Truth

Majestic fruit of our God of Love.

A thousand years of wonder upon this Earth

As continual jubilation

In anticipation of the New Jerusalem to descend;

His chosen place of triumph

Good over evil

Truth over Satan’s lies

Light over darkness

Human rebirth over hopeless slavery

Splendor over emptiness

Hope fulfilled over any hint of despair

Eternal life over nothingness!

I will be there to bow before the Ancient of Days,

King of all Jews;

How about you?
            *Have a blessed Easter remembrance to honor our Savior

3 thoughts on “Israel by Gary Bertnick ”

  1. Israel is a terrorist state :/ I am all for respecting all walks of life such as Jews and other titles people give themselves, but Israel no. And yes I know of their history and how it came today not just their non stop genocide on Palestine. Rather Palestine or Israel is right in the conflict or who fired the first bomb, we all know Israel is more supported by richer countries such as the USA, and have more advanced technology and more weaponary meaning it lies within their power to keep the peace. Palestine’s fate literally will be decided by Israel. Israel can choose or not choose to wipe them off the map completely. So far they are taking the genocide approach. Until their means change, I can’t support a belief or anything to do with Israel. Great post otherwise. Sorry I am vert politically opinionated. Not hating on you or the post, just I gess when posting about stuff like Israel prepare for a bit of back lash. 😛

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